Let Me Assist You with All Your Estate Planning Needs

I have extensive experience in drafting last wills and testaments, and durable powers of attorney for finance and healthcare. I have successfully litigated will contests, guardianships of disabled adults and issues that relate to executor misconduct. The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience and the administration of a decedent’s estate can be a complicated matter. I have extensive experience drafting various types of trusts so that property can be transferred to the beneficiaries as intended.

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A Wide Variety of Estate Planning Services

Without an estate plan in place, your surviving family has the burden of sorting out your estate. By planning ahead, you make things easier on your family by clearly outlining how you want your estate to be managed upon your death. You can rely on my mastery of the legal system for all of your estate planning needs. I will assist you with equitable asset distribution, trusts and estates, powers of attorney, and small estate procedures.

Allow me to guide you through the important process of creating your last will and testament and other related documents. I will offer my experience and knowledgeable advice to ensure that all of your wishes for the disposition of your property, the appointment of your representative and the orderly administration of your estate are met. Without a will, the state decides these important and personal issues for you.

I advise clients on the following areas related to estate planning:

Wills & Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare, Durable Powers of Attorney for Finances, General Probate & Estate Matters, Guardianships or Disabled Adults and Minors, Contested Probate Litigation, and all other estate planning and probate matters.